04/02/2001 - Updated 06:12 AM ET

NAZI~LINE - programm for reintegration of Neo-Nazis - INCIDENT

BERLIN, Germany (AP) — After the Minister for internal affairs, Otto Schily, announced the EXIT-Programm for Neo-Nazis in Germany, the local Industry has reacted last month, and announced its integration program called NAZI~LINE.

The talks between Minister Schily and the spectrum of industry leaders represented by SIEMENS and REEMTSMA were just finished last Friday when a serious incident happend.

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Haas, spokeswoman for NAZI~LINE, said it was not known wheter their were serious injuries due to the Zurich incident — which included the amok shooting of the ex-Neo-Nazi Reinhold S. [32] during Theater-preparations for Hamlet at the local Schauspielhaus— or if these attacks were gladly not serious.


The Germany Industry is strongly concerned about the Image of Germany in the World. Massive Neo-Nazi attacks have shocked the World and the majority of the german population lately.

The German government has declared war on all Neo-Nazi and right wing activities in the country. The highest Courts are currently investigating the ban over the NPD, the still legally operating german neo-fascist party.

NAZI~LINEs' prime interest is to transfer Neo-Nazis from the streets and danger-zones into the well-caring hands of the german industry and to transform them through work, psycho-therapy and medicamentation to regular german citizens.



Alarmed by the outbreak of violence, the European Union has been urging a political solution. EU security chief Javier Solana was joined by Chris Patten, the EU's external relations commissioner" to a "blitz" visit with german chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

Germany has been reunited 11 years ago — the only serious problem has been and still is the Neo -Nazi Pool in the eastern parts of the newly united germany— but observers fear its simmering racial tensions could boil over into a very destructive media war that could destabilize the entire EU.

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